Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Friday, November 30, 2018

In Room 2

On Wednesday, Room 2 went to Dixon Park and had some hot chips there. It was exciting there and there was a flying fox. It wasn't really fun because it was a small one. There was this circle that everyone sat on and spun around. Everyone loved it because it was going to fling off. After that, Room 2 drove to Greymouth swimming pool. It was really amazing there. The year 3s and over could go on the deep side and year 1s and 2s stayed on the swallow end. We were underwater touching the bottom and some people were racing from side to side. When the sprinklers went off, the water dropping from the buckets were knocking everyone’s goggles off. There was also this water sprayer when it was spraying and echoed inside. Then everyone drove back to school and it wasn’t home time so everyone had a little bit more fun outside.

This happened when Room 1 went to school camp. I stayed at school instead of going to school camp. It was really fun there.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Mathletics Certificate

Getting 1000 points in Mathletics is hard. When I got my certificate, i was exhausted because it was at about 6:30 in the morning and i was tired. Even though i was tired, I was amazed that I got my certificate that early and told mum: ‘I got a certificate already.’

In this task, we had to write about one moment in time. This was a hard subject to do because you had to think in the holidays. I found that hard because I didn't do anything exciting.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Your Large Intestine

This was a easy subject to do and what my class was doing was when we choose a body part from the digestive system. We partnered up and I went with John, a new student.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Descriptive Writing

WALT: write a piece of descriptive writing
Feeling like I was dead. Swallowing nasty gross mud. Feeling like being in prison forever. I would be gone for all.Trying to rise among the grass. My feet feeling all dozy when I was pushed of the jab of the insane player. My heart pounds like blasting thunder and stormy nights.

this was a easy thing to do and i am a pro.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Return Ticket Please SJ 2.1.00

Return Ticket please SJ 2.1.00

Work in pairs or individually to find information in the text and organise it into a table.

WALT identify the Challenges with living on Mars.

Not enough on Mars so people could not breathe the air

Not enough water on Mars to live.

They could blast up when your on them and fall on Earth.

Go to Mars
If the spacecraft ran out of fuel, people will be stuck in space.
It is way to cold because, even in the summer, it is about 5c at day and at night -140c.

Imaginary Planet

Imaginary Planet Information Report
Use your planning from earlier in the week to sort your ideas into paragraphs. You may add the heading in a blue box after discussing with the teacher.

Living Things


Topic sentence
The living things on Racico are weird.

Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)
Aliens are amazing but they can be werid so they have four of every thing!
People sometimes run away from them because they look yucky and slimy, but there not!
Martians are cool, but on Racico there not.
They throw acid at anyone who is mean to them and they have there privite home where no one ever leaves them alown so they throw acid when ever they want to.
Sometimes they have acid fights!
The humans, from earth, have to were nothing!
Sometimes they even say ‘good beeing naked’.
Concluding sentence
So living things are cool on Racico.
Disco bomb
Disco tree
Topic sentence
On the planet, Racico, there are a heap of objects.
Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)
The disco bomb makes anyone dance and groove.
There is no stopping dancing!
There are more plants on Racico.
There is a great old disco tree that lights up every time Mercury orbits around the sun (88 days).
It is always night when it lights up.
There are rockets that people ride crazy!
Is that weird? Well, here is something weirder!
The one, the only, the weird but protected house!
So people can be super protected in their house.
There is traps if your getting somewhere else like home.
There is acid pits and dispensers that shoot lava at people.
If people have been scanned to go in the house, they get teleported in.
To get out, people just knock on the door.
The people that are not scaned get teleported to their house until the traps are activaded.
When they are waitting, they are stuck in a glass cage with fake acid to scare them, if people have buyed it.
It cost 9999$ to get, and it is very usful but very expenstive, so save up!
Concluding sentence
So there are a lot of objects on Racico.
Bear Monsters
Topic sentence
The mean on earth but are nice on Racico
Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)
There is three types of bear monsters.
Lucky god, good and unlucky bad.
There is only one god and it controls the planet so every one is happy.
The good ones are the protecters of citys and towns incase the traps are no good.
The unlucky bad one has an army but no leader so they just attack when ever they want to.
They have lots of weapens to attack with, but they just take them.
Concluding sentence
The bears are mean still but good will win!
No school
Lucky school
Topic sentence
There is one thing on Racico you can’t and can do.
Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)
School is boring because all you do is HAND WRITING!
Only the bad bears go to school if corrupted.
If kids get lucky to go to lucky school, kids get play time more often, kids get to do their favorite subject all of school time.
Concluding sentence
So school is the best but sometimes not.